When you order your groceries online it’s a lot easier to price check each item, which is part of the reason I don’t shop at multiple stores and still don’t spend a lot on groceries. You can read about my weekly routine here, which has saved/made us thousands of dollars at this point, not to mention all the time it saves me doing the actual shopping online.

2 weeks of groceries for $175, with snacks!

So, this week I changed things up a bit. Recently our grocery budget has been $150 every two weeks, which met our needs but didn’t leave a lot of room for snacks, so we decided to increase it a little to $175. Ian got some overtime this week and we had already agreed as our income went up so would the grocery budget, to give us a little more wiggle room. I ended up getting a lot more snack foods than I normally do, but I am also stocking up for a trip to D.C. we’re taking soon, and my snack bag has been looking a little sad and droopy after all of our holiday and end of the year traveling.

The other odd thing I did this week was to get the stuff to make fasting bread, also called Ezekiel bread. I have wanted to do regular fasting, but just hadn’t gotten the ingredients yet. I want to start doing the fast a day a week, so I’m making a batch this week and freezing the rest.


  • Spent total: $166.53
  • Spent Boxed.com: $60.55
  • Spent Kroger: $105.98
  • Cash back from iBotta, Boxed cash rewards and PayPal cash rewards: $14.79

I saved a good bit by shopping on Boxed, which is why I don’t feel bad about stocking our snack bag this week, and getting some extra beef that was on sale. These snacks will last us for well past two weeks, and be great for the rip we’re planning to Washington D.C. here soon. Now that we’ve moved to West Virginia, we only live 3 hours away, so we thought it would be fun to take a trip on Ian’s days off, so I’m getting our snacks and such ahead of time…but more about that in a later post. Here are the groceries I got this week:

Boxed.com OrderBoxed.com Order 01/2017

Okay, so I’ve had a Boxed.com account for a long time, since 2015, and I hadn’t ever placed an order. I joined when we first started getting out of debt and I forgot about it until I saw this week that iBotta was offering 15% cash back on all purchases made through them. I went through and compared the prices of every item on my grocery list and bought anything Boxed.com had if it was more economical, or the same before the cash back I was going to get.

  • Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels (40 oz) $7.99
  • Prince & Spring Toilet Paper $15.99
  • Bausch and Lomb Contact Solution $21.99
  • Method Glass & Surface/Method Multi Surface Cleaner Pack $6.49
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack (48 ct) $11.79
  • PB2 All Natural Powdered Peanut Butter (16oz) $6.99
  • free sample Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle FREE
  • free sample GatoradeThirst Quencher FREE

The free samples are to stock our snack bag, plus the brownie brittle is amazing. I tried it a while ago and I swore one day I would treat myself to a bag. Anyway, once my Boxed.com order was done I got the rest of what I needed from Kroger, of course using Clicklist because this week is going to be busy and I Can always send Ian on his way home to pick up groceries.

Kroger Order

  • Turkey lunch meat, 1 lbs $3.99
  • Beef Bacon (2@ $6.49 ea) $12.98
  • Chicken breasts: $8.76
  • Beef – Shoulder English Steak (6 steaks @ 2.99ea) $17.94
  • Rye flour $3.39
  • Ice Cube trays $2.39
  • Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Flour $4.39
  • Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grained Millet $3.99
  • Tapioca Pudding packs (for Ian’s lunches) $2.00 (2 @ $1 ea)
  • Ketchup $3.29
  • Chicken Wings (2.5 pounds) $6.99
  • Lentils $1.89
  • Sugar – 4 lbs $1.89
  • Cocoa – $5.78
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Large Dozen and a half eggs – $1.59
  • Lowfat Milk $2.59
  • Pasta Sauce $4 (on sale for $1 each)
  • Whole Wheat bread $1.69
  • Organic Oranges 5 lbs, $4.95
  • Zucchini $2.40 (5 @ $0.48 ea)
Things I had on hand already:
  • Oatmeal
    Yogurt ( I make this every week and happened to make mine at the end of the week, so I still have a lot)
  • Spices
  • Black Beans

I needed the ice cube trays so I could freeze some odds and end things like my starter yogurt for next week, some leftover herbs and then some lemon juice from lemons I have sitting on the counter.

Menu Plan


  • Oatmeal instant packs
  • Greek Yogurt chocolate bread
    Greek yogurt chocolate bread from voskos.com
  • Oatmeal apple cookies
    Apple Oatmeal cookies from Live Well Bake Often
  • Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Yogurt
    which comes from the Trim Healthy Mama book. A diet plan I don’t follow, but love the principals of.
  • Pancakes


  • Dinner leftovers
  • PB&Js


  1. Sushi made with sticky chicken
    Sticky Chicken recipe from South Your Mouth. 
  2. Mexican Chicken Soup
    Best Chicken Soup EVER from Budget Savvy Diva
  3. Pasta
  4. Wings
  5. Beef & Broccoli
    Beef & Broccoli from Food.com
  6. Chicken Alfredo
    Creamy Chicken Broccoli & Bacon Fettuccine from Julias Album
  7. Wings

Notice I don’t have a leftover night, like a lot of budget websites talk about doing. Almost all of our leftovers go toward Ian’s lunches during his work day, and what he doesn’t eat I will. If there are enough leftovers that I have more meals than days, I usually make my planned meal into a freezer meal and then we’ll eat the leftovers. It helps us build up a stockpile in the freezer, which is a lot more convenient than more than having a planned leftover night.

The groceries I bought this week will last me for two weeks, in addition to providing snacks for our road trip coming up soon and restocking our snack bag, so I’m very happy.

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