I love finding dog toys that both dogs can play with, that won’t be destroyed in a matter of minutes by my strong-jawed Boxer/Pitt Bull mix. I was noticing some wear on my Extreme Kongs, so I thought I would try another toy our trainer recommended.

After letting Colt play with the trainer’s Tux, and after she told me hers had survived over a hundred dogs, many of whom were Pitt Bulls, we bought a Tux.

At first, the Tux caused a huge problem at our house. Colt loved the new toy so much, he would not play with any other toys, even if we threw them. It took nearly a month for the ‘new toy obsession’ to wear off, but we are happy to report that the Kongs are again considered worthy of being played with by Sir Toy Snob. The one funny note I have about the toy is that every night, he now goes and grabs his toy so he isn’t left without it in his crate. It is most definitely his favorite, and even after being stuffed with peanut butter multiple times, the toy shows almost no wear at all.

I am very excited about the Tux, and can’t recommend it any more highly other than to say that it is even more loved than Kongs at our house, and as the Kongs wear out I won’t have to spend money to replace them, because now we have a toy that lasts longer and my dog loves even more.

Thank you West Paw Design for making such an amazing product, and thank you my good friend to Kea at Gimme Grace Dog Training for recommending this awesome toy to us.

Paw Print A Note From Colt:

Mom wanted to make this review longer, but I kept dropping my Tux on the keyboard so she decided it was more fun to play with me and the Tux.

I think you should get your dog a Tux too, because it’s really fun, doesn’t fall apart so it won’t have to be thrown away, and all the cool dogs have one!