Use cloth diapers

I love cloth diapers and am so glad I have been able to save money with them and not hated it like some people predicted I would. I can’t wait to start them a little younger with my next little one, but I am content to have a little while where I can have the convenience of disposables. The first few weeks after Autumn was born were very overwhelming, I am glad I waited a while before starting cloth diapering otherwise I may not have been able to keep up and quit something I really enjoyed when I was a little less sleep-deprived.


I loved breastfeeding Autumn. I loved having the bonding time with her, and it was nice to not have to worry about bottles, formula and having water to make her food every time she needed to eat. I loved being able to always have her milk on hand whenever she was ready to eat. Sometimes it was more work to figure out how to schedule feedings when I was out and about, but ultimately it was worth it. For future babies, I want to try to nurse longer than I did with Autumn, we will see how it goes!

Have a ton of laundry soap made ahead of time

Having laundry soap made was a huge help. I had laundry soap made ahead for 8 months after Autumn was born. It was just one more thing that I didn’t have to think making it or watching how much I had because there was a good-sized stockpile. It was a great time saver, especially because it can sit for months without issues and it takes just a couple minutes to throw together. Usually the most lengthy part the process it is finding my funnel! 

The only thing I think I will do a little differently is set aside some just for cloth diapers with a special mix of essential oils that I have used to help keep things smelling nice and stay disinfected.

Don’t use a binky excessively

I know each baby was different, and I was very fortunate that Autumn was never terribly interested in using her binky. I am not anti-binky, but I am one of “those” moms who thinks that binkies aren’t all that great for your kid and honestly thinks they are kind of gross, so I want to try to limit the use to very little, and cut it out early.

Have a carseat canopy.

I cannot tell you how much I love my carseat cover from Carseat Canopy. It kept the wind, rain and snow out of the baby’s face, and I didn’t have to fool with all the snaps, buttons and zippers that other covers have. I also liked that it kept most people from sticking their germy hands on her when she was very small, and the enclosed environment helped her nap in public places. I only paid shipping on mine using the code 13FREEBIES. It was not terribly cheap, $12.95 for the shipping and handling, but honestly it was so cute and I had to buy so little for her that I didn’t mind getting something that I liked.

Do my best to make baby work with my schedule

I am a huge proponent of the thought that baby should fit in with the family, and although having another little one will change things drastically, a mommy should do her best to make the baby fit in with the family’s new routine. That way things still get done and there can be some semblance of normal for all family members. Or something like that.

Enjoy, and utilize, grandparents’ time to love on the baby

Because her biological father was not there when she was born, I practically lived at my parents’ house for the first few weeks. I was lonely and insecure, and the time there helped me get back on my feet. When I was there, I often let my mom and dad take some special time with Grandmama or Grandpapa to get phone calls made, laundry put away or whatever needed to get done. Sometimes, it meant that I got a chance to take a nap which was just as nice, if not better, than marking things off the to-do list.


What things did you do with your first that carried over to the second? What things did you change?