Going from a mommy with one amazing little girl to one with another little person to enjoy is something I can’t wait to happen. After seeing a few posts on other blogs about what other mothers would do different the second time around, I decided to take my own spin on how I want to do things a little differently the next time around.

Buy a cloth diaper sprayer

I had hopes of cloth diapering, which I did actually end up doing later down the road with Autumn, and it went very well. I had a cloth diaper sprayer that hooked into the pipes that come in to the back of the toilet in my registry, but a friend who had done cloth diapering told me it was silly and that I wouldn’t use it. She said it was easy to just rinse the diapers with solids in the toilet, and cautioned against the wasteful thing. Against my better judgement, I took the sprayer off my registry and regretted it many times over. I discovered I have a real aversion to rinsing things in the toilet. I know a lot of other moms do it, but to me it’s just gross. It would have made my life a lot easier with Autumn, so for the second baby I am definitely getting one.

Use more reusable wipes

Because I love cloth diapers, it is actually easier for me to use the reusable wipes and simply launder them with my diapers. It will save me a ton of money and I never have to worry about running out of wipes because they are always around. The solution takes less than 5 minutes to make and is very cost effective, so that is definitely going on the things I’ll be doing with the next little one!

Have more easy meals in the freezer

I had a freezer full of food when Autumn arrived, but most of that was raw ingredients for meals that involve actual cooking. Normally, that works very well for me when I am throwing meals together, but after Autumn was born I was far too tired to want to cook dinner so when I was not camping out at my parent’s house, I ended up eating a lot more convenience foods that were certainly not the healthiest choices and I am sure contributed to my low energy and slow recovery in a very big way. My goal for the next baby is to have enough complete one-dish meals for a month of dinners, preferably ones that are big enough to have leftovers for lunches the following day.

Have washable nursing pads

As a breastfeeding momma, I had to constantly wear nursing pads to prevent embarrassing and troublesome leakage of the liquid gold. The disposable pads were thick and showed themselves very clearly through a thin nursing bra, which was frustrating at best. They also were small enough to slip to the side, totally negating the purpose of wearing them, and making me look like a mom with crazy-shaped boobies. Not that it really matters to anyone but me, but still. The new nursing pads should provide amble leakage protection, and should be large enough to give fuller coverage with minimal slippage.

Make my own nursing tops, especially tanks.

Nursing tops are so insanely expensive, and it did not occur to me until after I was done nursing (go figure!) that I could have really easily made my own for very cheap. There are some great tutorials I found thanks to Pinterest for cute nursing tank tops (this one is my favorite, I wear tanks like this all the time!), an undershirt with holes for nursing and double layered tank here that I would love to try. There are tons of tutorials out there, I have been thinking I’ll go to the thrift store next time and get myself a wardrobe to convert for the price of one of my nursing tops from my first baby. They were over $30 each!

Stock up on nursing supplements

I had trouble keeping my milk supply up once I started working, so even if it is only for my peace of mind, I want to have a couple boxes of the Yogi Woman’s Nursing Support Tea that I use to help me keep my milk supply up, as well as the supplement I took, More Milk Plus. If I have them on hand and my milk supply drops, I don’t have to worry about running around and trying to

Have groceries delivered

For a while, I had my groceries delivered from Green Bean Delivery, but I did not know about them until a little while after Autumn was born. If I had been able to have things like fresh fruits and other perishables delivered, it would have been so convenient and I would have eaten much more healthily. Even if I do not get organics delivered, some local groceries like ValuMarket deliver for a small fee. Considering that the fee was only $15,and that was far less than the cost of ordering a pizza, it is a cost I am willing to pay for a little while after baby arrives. Another option besides delivery is ValuMarket’s curbside pickup service. The fee is only $5, they have your groceries ready and waiting for you and you don’t even have to load them in your car. I could run out and get them, or have a friend or my husband pick them up for me on the way home.

Embrace a simpler wardrobe for baby

I rarely wear buy anything white, much less wear it. It stains very easily and I hate how little effort it takes to make it look grungy. With Autumn, I very rarely had her wear the plain white onesies and insisted on putting her in matching outfits. That was not a problem usually, but when I was tired and changing her clothes very often, I started to wish her wardrobe was a little simpler. The plain white onesies weren’t too bad after all, and the newborn gowns became my favorite thing for my little newborn. Next time around, I will go primarily for one-piece outfits that are easy to get off and on, launder and I don’t have to worry about matching.


What things changed between your first and second children? What did you find to be a help when you transitioned from one to two kids?