I spent so many hours preparing for Logan, but there are always a few last minute things that need to be done. I’ve got a huge stockpile of household things set aside there, a

Made one final Amazon order. I’m well stocked on diapers, wipes and my freezer isn’t exactly empty. There were little things that I wanted to make sure I had and didn’t get off my registry from my baby shower and gifts from friends.

  • Breast pump tubing for my breast pump
  • Rockin’ Green detergent for our cloth diapers
  • Organic pads for the postpartum… yuckiness
  • Bottom Spray because the stuff from the hospital is terrible on my skin and makes me raw (a lot of people use DermaPlast without any issues, I just have very sensitive skin. If you use it, use the kind with the blue lid for your sore lady parts)
  • Postpartum bath herbs – to help your lady parts heal after having a baby… soaking is amazing, and so are these healing bath herbs. I ended up using it in my peri bottle, as well as in my sitz baths.
  • Laundry making supplies so I can make one more batch of laundry soap before Logan comes. I use a powdered detergent because it works well on Ian’s oily clothes that come from woking in a machine shop. (Update: I switched to Charlie’s laundry soap once our last batch of homemade laundry soap ran out. I was too tired to make

Stocked up at the grocery store on convenience foods and snacks. We don’t usually buy prepackaged snacks, but we set aside some money for breastfeeding snacks and then little things for Autumn while I am nursing or tending to the baby.

Shipped off my old baby clothes to Swap.com. I hadn’t intentionally been putting this off, but sometimes life happens. I mailed off a pretty big box of Autumn’s old things and old baby clothes so we could have a credit to help with the gaps in the clothing we might need for Logan since we didn’t have nearly as many hand me downs for him as we did for Autumn.


Got our childcare lined up for Autumn. Although Autumn will be staying with grandparents during labor, if for some reason we need to go to the hospital quickly we have a few friends who we have talked to and would be willing to take Autumn for a few hours until my parents or Ian’s can get here. We called our local girl who is so sweet and had her on standby. She was actually sad when Autumn didn’t need to stay with her.

Setup changing stations, sleep spots and nursing stations. I have a basket from Thirty One for the living room with diaper changing supplies, setup my playpen where he’ll be sleeping with nursing supplies and changing supplies and setup the bed in the nursery.