It drives me crazy when people say that breastfeeding is free. Unless you have teeny tiny boobs and you’re happy to wear a sports bra all the time to accommodate little one when they want to nurse, you’re going to need a nursing bra. And realistically you really need two to make it by because, well, milk happens and you have to wash your bra sometime. There are a handful of other things you’ll need that will, in fact, cost you money so for the sake of honesty and debunking the ‘breast milk is free!” myth, here is my list of things you’ll need for breastfeeding successfully; we’ll talk about the extra nice things and fun accessories in a minute, but first here are the bare essentials.

What you’ll really need for breastfeeding – the bare minimum

  • 1-3 nursing bras
  • nursing pads

If you’re chesty, then don’t just go out and buy the cheap nursing bra from Target, get a good bra with good support because otherwise you’re going to hurt. Plus, if you happen to be a mommy that leaks a lot (I was and it wasn’t a big deal because I was prepared for the possibility) then you might prefer bras with a little thicker padding to not draw attention to your boobie pads. And on the subject of breast pads…

Not every mom will need nursing pads, but if you need them then there’s no getting around it. I use both the disposable and the washable breast pads at different times – both have their place. My reusables are great when I know I’ll be out and about or when we’re traveling and I know we won’t have as easy access to a washer as we do at home. My washable breast pads are great when we’re around the house because I got them for pretty cheap, so it’s no problem to just toss them in the wash and move on with my day.

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I got my 20 sets of washable nursing pads from using the code E92C58 because with that you get 10 pair and pay the shipping, which for me was $15. Initially I bought one set and loved them, but I ended up ordering another set just in case, so I have 20 matching sets and I love them.

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Things You Might Find Useful for Breastfeeding

Every mom is different, so I’m just making this list based on what worked for my and friends of mine that breastfed their littles, even if it was only for a short time.

  • Nursing tops
  • Nursing pillow
    This doesn’t have to be name brand, but if you’re tall or just really long in the torso, which I am, then your back will thank you if baby is sitting on your lap.
  • Baby wrap
    I never could figure out the nursing in a wrap thing because I got so hot and wasn’t ever really comfortable, but I did love my Moby wrap for everything else with Autumn. 

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