I don’t like to have to carry things. It’s really the only major complaint I have about the years before potty training: the necessity of the diaper bag constantly. For years I haven’t even carried a purse, just a wallet.

For a long time I carried this wallet, which you can see pictured on the right. It’s a Thirty One wallet that has since been discontinued, but this style is very easy to find. I loved this wallet, it held my phone in the outside pocket and had enough room for my basic cards to be accessible, even if it didn’t have a lot of extra room it did the job very well without any real problems. Then I killed my phone.

When I ordered my new phone, it cost me about the same to upgrade to an iPhone 6 as it would to get another iPhone 5, so I just went ahead and opted for the bigger phone with more memory and a bigger camera since I use it all the time for running my business and I take pictures of the kids all the time for the grandparents, and just because they’re both so stinking cute!

When my new phone came, I was so excited until I realized that it wouldn’t fit into my new wallet, not by a long shot. I muddled through for a few weeks and then finally decided that I needed to get a new wallet to hold my phone. I found this wallet an ordered it, figuring I would probably hate it and end up returning it because it would be too big and I would just have to use a small wallet like a normal person and get used to the new phone having to be in the diaper bag since it also didn’t fit in the pocket of my Boba baby carrier.

This wallet is amazing. Obviously it held my phone, so it got a big thumbs up from me there. But then I kept using it and realized it was exactly what I had been missing but didn’t know it.

The left panel when you open it up i is just for cards. I use it for the cards I use a lot – the bills bank card, our eating our bank card, my license, and of course a picture of my cute family. Because getting your license out of those things kind of impossible when you need to. Then, there is the other side of the wallet where I keep my phone, there is a change purse which is actually big enough to hold some actual change unlike my other, smaller wallet, and then there is another place for cards. This is what actually sold me on the wallet, weirdly enough. I love having all of my health insurance cards for the family visible and not stuck in a stack behind my other cards.

There is also another slot in the wallet that I use for my printable coupons since I have been using them all the time with my shopping routine.

I know, it’s just a wallet. It’s not the end all-be-all of home organization, but it has everything I need in a way that’s very visual and clean, which is perfect. It’s double the size of my old wallet but worth it because everything is so organized and not cramped.