After writing a few posts on saving money on groceries, I realized that I had not blogged about one of the biggest ways that we saved on our grocery budget. Using gift cards earned through filling my prescriptions where I shop for my groceries actually allowed my husband and myself to eat during more than one month right after we got married. One of my favorite reasons I liked using it was because I would have had to pay for the prescription anyway, and it was so easy to do that my husband could do it without any fuss or drama. Here is how it works.

When you shop at a grocery store, like Kroger, often times they send out flyers with coupons, and coupons called Catalinas also print with your receipt. Both of these are sources for coupons that offer you amounts like $10, $20, and $25 in a gift card if you fill a prescription at their pharmacy.

The nice thing about getting money back for getting a prescription filled is that if you fill the prescriptions at different times, you can use a new coupon for each prescription, as most pharmacies do not have a policy against it. I found that one CVS I visited limited the use of these types of coupons to no more than once a month, while another CVS said you could fill no more than a total of six coupons in a period of six months, no matter how you filled them. Other than that, I have never had a problem with filling multiple prescriptions at a pharmacy using the coupons. Even when I ask the pharmacists, no one has minded in the least.

Another thing I learned is that stores will also take competitor’s pharmacy coupons, so if another store like ValuMart or Meijer had a coupon, I could clip it and use it at whatever store I chose. If I know I had deals at a particular store, I could use the gift card to help build my stockpile without taking money from my regular grocery budget.

Great top on using pharmacy gift cards to pay your grocery bill

I hope this tip saves you a ton of money on your groceries, like it has for our family!


What else does your family do to cut down on their grocery bill?