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Okay – so I’m assuming that if you’re reading this article that you know the benefits of buying in bulk, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here and we’ll just skip to the good stuff.

Big Box Stores – duh!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about Costco and Sam’s Club and they can be great if you know your prices well enough to know what is a good deal and what is average, or more expensive, then a regular store.

I personally don’t have a membership to either store, because there are so many places to shop online where I can get the same price without the hassle of driving to the store itself. If you just love shopping in person and don’t mind the extra driving time and gas – then box stores are a great choice! Everyone is different – just because I don’t do it doesn’t mean that it won’t work well for you!

This is an awesome online store where you can have bulk things delivered without having to leave the house. I found their app when I was doing my baby stockpiling for baby #2, and it saved me a lot of time and energy- you know how that goes when you’re pregnant.

If you use code JLNTA when you sign up, you’ll get a $15 credit, plus another $10 credit after your first delivery! I also get credit for it, so we’re all saving money! 😉

Azure Standard

Azure Standard offers bulk grains and a lot of other natural and organic products. If you’re a bread maker, then you can get your wheat here… really it has everything here. My family owned a wheat business for a time and they were one of our main suppliers. I can’t recommend them enough.

A note about the cost of ordering from them: they don’t just shop you orders because that would be crazy expensive

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Although these aren’t truly buying in bulk, they can save you as much money as buying in bulk, so it’s worth mentioning. Amazon Warehouse Deals {affiliate link} are the items where the packages are opened or damaged, that’s how I saved something like 70% on my silverware, and no one will ever know I bought it on sale because it looked perfect.

That’s pretty much it for this week! 😀 How about you? Are you a box store shopper, or an online junkie like me?

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