I am not really doing anything new in the ‘getting healthy’ department; I am actually trying to focus on being consistent with using the things I already have around. This week I have been feeling very stressed and grumpy, so I have been using my Liquid Sunshine which helps a ton. I am realizing the more I use essential oils that I love citrus oils and tend to shy away from the earthy and musky scents, which is probably why this mix works to well for me. I have been experimenting about using on everyone else, so here is how that is going.

Using it on the whole family

I went to my mom’s house recently and one of my younger brothers was having a rough time, so my mother told him to come over to us and so she could put some ‘smelly good’ on his wrists. He very grouchily insisted that it didn’t smell good and it was the worst smell in the whole world (did I mention he is only 5?), but his mood did improve after that so I was glad I had it, even if he didn’t love the smell.

When Autumn has been having a tough time recently with just feeling clingy and tearful, so I have been using the Liquid Sunshine on her. The funny thing is that she asks for it now, she might not understand why it is helping her, but I think she recognizes that it gives her a positive way to ask for attention, and for help, when she isn’t her perky self. I like to think it’s because her body subconsciously knows it’s good for her and helps her, but it could also be that she is a physical touch person and it is a way she asks for affection – which is my husband’s theory. Whatever the reason, I’m glad she likes it because I love having the option to use products on the whole family without them feeling like they are being tortured or forced into it. That’s just not my style.

Ian sometimes gets a little…growly when he hasn’t been sleeping well or he is very stressed and with his finals coming up for his last year of college, he has been more stressed than usual and I may have been experimenting on him with the Liquid Sunshine without telling him to see if it improved his mood or not. 😉 The first thing I did was put it on his pillow and immediately noticed a difference in the quality of his sleep. One afternoon he came home particularly stressed and I actually asked him if he would use it and the affect was almost instant. He was able to focus more, growl less and finally relaxed a little. He tends to prefer the more woodsy and earthy oils like sandalwood, frankincense and cedar, so while he doesn’t love the smell, he’ll use it willingly because he can feel the difference when he uses it. In the future I’m going to make him his own mix so he can have something that is as effective for him, but smells nicer to him.

I am very happy with how the family has responded to the Liquid Sunshine, I feel like I should probably do some investigating and figure out how to make a similar mix for when my supply runs out. Do you use anything to roll on your family for moods? I would love to hear what other people are using – between Mr. Going-Through-Finals-Stress and Miss. Wanna-Smell-Good-Like-Mommy, I am starting to run pretty low here. 😀

Update: I had a few friends who saw this post and wanted to know where they can buy it, but is has been discontinued for a while. The best substitute that I can find is Cheer Up Buttercup from Now. A friend of mine got it for me when I was really struggling with depression and I can’t tell you how much I love it.