For the frugal moms out there who are on a shoestring (or nonexistent!) budget for stockpiling, it’s time to start couponing and getting some freebies. I actually recommend the freebies for all moms because they never hurt, but especially for the ones on a tight budget.

Before you sign up for any freebies

When you sign up for these freebies, they’re going to ask for your email. I actually have an email just for free offers, so that junk doesn’t clog up my normal inbox where there are actual important emails.

The other option is to immediately unsubscribe from the newsletters, whatever suits you best. But just be aware, they ask for your email for a reason and they intend to use it!

Completely free freebies & samples

These deals require nothing but your info and you’ll get awesome goodies in the mail!

  • Lansinoh Mom’s Club – they’re giving out free nursing pads and other goodies, so if you’re like me and you’re always leaking these are a life saver. For my first pregnancy, all I used were the disposables because I had some given to me and a ton of samples, so I never had to buy any. For my second one, I got a box of disposables and then the samples, but mostly wanted to use the reusable kind so I got this brand from Amazon.
  • Enfamil Formula freebies – even if you plan to breastfeed, you never know if you’ll need formula or not, so this is always good to have on hand. I had to stop nursing Autumn at 6 months old, which was completely not in the plan, so I was really glad I’d gotten these.
  • Similac Strong Moms – same goes for these, get them even if you don’t think you’ll need them. If you don’t need them, then donate them to charity! There are lots of places like A Woman’s Choice that help pregnant women who are always taking donations!

Get your copy of the PDF Guide, My Top 10 Resources for Stockpiling for Baby on a Budget

Pay shipping only deals

These deals are ones where you pay shipping only, which is still a good deal in my opinion! I got the Carseat Canopy cover when I was pregnant with Autumn, and ordered the nursing pillow, Belly Button Body bans and the breast pads during my second pregnancy.

So far I haven’t ordered the leg warmers for the second pregnancy because I know my husband would very strongly object to them if baby #2 turns out to be a boy, so I’m holding off on that.








Other Deals

  • Honest Diaper Company has a free trial where you pay only the $5.95 shipping and handling. I just ordered mine for Baby #2, but I also marked on my calendar to cancel my membership because you have to do that in the first 7 days. I set my reminder for 3 days out, then called and cancelled.

There are lots of freebies that come and go, but these are the core ones that have been around for a while and should be available for a good long time to come.

These are a great way to get started on your stockpile for when baby arrives, but they are also beautiful products that are all great quality. I have gotten almost all of them myself, so I can vouch for them!

If you know of any others, please leave them in the comments and share with others! I would also like to know for myself, so you’d be helping me out too!