We take trips to Louisville a lot. While it’s only a two and a half hour drive, with the two kids in tow it’s almost guaranteed that we’re going to make a stop, and with that stop comes the temptation to ‘just grab something to snack on,” and with the number of trips we take, that adds up pretty quickly. With my new grocery shopping routine, and my amazing Love with Food subscription, I have saved us hundreds of dollars over the past year on just road trip snacks. Plus the stuff we’re having is way healthier anyway!

Packing an awesome snack bag when you have little kids!Since I’m gonna be spending the month talking about how I setup my house to be amazingly organized, I decided talking about the “trip adventure snack bag” as Autumn calls it (every trip is an adventure – just a plain old trip is not nearly as fun.)

The bag I use is a Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty One, with a Fold’n’File inside. If you want to use the bag, then you definitely don’t need the Fold’n’File Insert, but when a bag doesn’t retain it’s shape it drives me crazy, and I got mine on sale so it was super cheap.

First, I keep the pockets on the side free for the drink mixes I like to use. Bottles of Mio and True Lemon packets are two of the things we love and use a lot, and since they’re small and easily lost we keep those on the outside pockets.

Secondly, I keep extra napkins, straws and utensils on the outside pockets of the fold’n’file. That keeps them separated from everything else since we don’t need them much, but there if we need them.

After using the bag for a while I also decided to get a zipper pouch to go inside to hold the small snacks like bars and squeeze pouches. That means no little things out loose to get spilled and left to melt under a seat in the car a dozen times before we find it again.

The other outside pockets are used for non-refrigerated bottles and then things I always inevitably need in the car, like pens or the extra thing I remember to grab as I dash out the door. I also keep a small travel pack of wipes for sticky messes and a few rolled up grocery bags to serve as trash bags during that trip that I can throw away at a gas station. It’s a lot easier to clean up as you go, instead of having to do it later!