Minimalist diaper bag for people who don't want to carry a huge bag everywhere

I hate having to carry a diaper bag, so I try to carry as little as possible in it. A few days ago I wrote a post about how I switched wallets so I would have things more organized and less things to carry, because I really just don’t like feeling weighed down. That’s probably why I love baby wearing so much, because I hate carrying around the awkward clunky baby carseat when I have the option to just have a basic small diaper bag and the baby in a carrier.

What Kinds of Diaper Bags I Use

I have three different diaper bags, which may seem contrary to the whole minimalist thing, but I believe that having the right tolls for the job makes things easier and since I’ve simplified so many areas of my life already, it’s alright to have a little more things in a few areas, since those things are used regularly and work well for me.

Organizing Shoulder Bag

This bag is my everyday minimalist bag. I use it for general running around town when I don’t have a lot of things to do, like when I run out to pick up my groceries, to fill a prescription for a grocery gift card or to go to the library or the park with Autumn and Logan.

I love it because it holds a few diapers, wipes and a onesie a small receiving blanket for covering up while nursing in the baby carrier, plus my wallet. That’s all I really need most days. It’s very simple and small enough so that even Autumn can carry it, which she loves to do.

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Binky
  • My amazing wallet
  • A bib – sometimes
  • Hair clip – not a hairtie!


Sling backpack diaper bag

love my Sling Back Pack. I use this when I have more involved errands and I have things I need to bring with me, like an activity for Autumn or paperwork for an appointment. I also use it when I bring my large water bottle with me because it fits perfectly. On mornings when Autumn goes the free breakfast at the library and I have my smoothie, this bag is perfect because on those days we usually stay for the little kids’ activities which means I’ll probably want my big nursing cover up, mine is by Bebe au Lait and I use it all the time.

The Around Town Tote

This is not an everyday carry it around town bag. This is my traveling diaper bag. I originally didn’t buy it as a diaper bag, but it ended up working perfectly for when I travel with the kids. I had been using a cheap bag I got free from Victoria’s Secret ages ago, but the lack of ability to keep the bag closed made carrying it in and our of the car stressful because it was likely to spill, and the excess room encouraged me to overpack which is one of my biggest problems when I travel.

The All Around Town tote is so beautiful, I love how stylish it is. I used to think I really wasn’t the kind of person who cared a lot about how their things looked, but now I realize that I do. I don’t want to go out and buy a new $50 bag every weekend, but I like having nice things that are stylish and are built to last so I can justify spending good money on them, instead of buying cheap things that don’t hold up as well and don’t work as well for me.

Those are my diaper bags! I really love them and hope that they’ll inspire you into trying them, or something like them for your family!