We don’t have any plans this month to change things, we’re mostly just doing more of the same. I have one client who is paying me for a project that I didn’t budget for, so instead of including the money in our regular budget, since all of our needs are met we ended up putting the money straight into savings. We’re very excited to announce that we have met Baby Step #1, we actually have $1300 in savings instead of just the $1,000 that Dave Ramsey recommends. Can I get a woot woot?!

Ian has applied for a job that will mean we’ll be moving in the next several months, if he gets the position. So we’re doubling down on our efforts to really trim down. Because of the possible move, we’ve decided to keep putting money in savings instead of stopping until we’re debt-free.

I started using Mint.com for managing all of our finances, and I have to say that so far I love it. It’s exciting to see our cash going up because of our savings, but also having our student loans right there to remind me what our long-term goals are is very helpful so I’m not tempted to spend that ‘extra’ money in our budget. For a while I wanted to use Dave Ramsey’s Every Dollar program, but it was $90 a year to have it sync with your bank account, and that just wasn’t worth it to me. Plus, it doesn’t sync with all of our debts, so if I make an extra payment I have to manually input it… and seriously I don’t want to have to remember to do all of that. If it’s too much work I won’t maintain it, and I definitely won’t remember once the baby is here so we’re

Digit Savings

We saved 36.54 last month with Digit and I haven’t found a reason to be unhappy with it. I thought about making the savings a little more aggressive, but ultimately decided against it. We are still letting the money sit for baby things, but we are also eyeing the furniture we’d like to replace if/when we move, like our Ikea book shelves that are held together by wishes and miracles. When we moved to this house, we took that time to replace our falling-apart bed, so this time around we intend to bite the bullet and ditch the new shelves and just have new shelves delivered to the new place. It will be a little more out of pocket, but it also saves a lot of room in the moving van for something we’re going to have to replace anyway.

That’s it for this month. Not a ton of excitement here on the budget end really. It’s nice to have a plan and being able to see where we’re heading in the right direction toward being debt-free and not having a lot of excess to waste on junk. It’s good for our health (less eating out, my besetting sin when it comes to money and overindulgence) and my new pseudo-minimalist approach to the house.