Time to be really straight with you: I’ve been having a hard time with impulse spending with fast food this month so far. I’m so tired and having a hard time staying motivated to cook, so I’ve been really bad about just grabbing something quick and easy. Of course, that just leads further down the road of feeling bad because I’m not eating as healthy as I should, but sometimes that’s just how it is. To try to help me from being so impulsive because “the money is there in the bank” we’re switching to all cash for eating out and I am increasing my Digit savings. I think it will help us stay on track in that area.

I’m still using Mint.com and am loving it. It’s been

Holiday Travels

This year, Ian decided that we weren’t going to drive down to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving, which was¬†so nice because it meant we could go to my family’s 2 Thanksgivings and save ourself the extra 5+ hours of driving. Since everything we’ve seen has pointed to another wet, cold and nasty winter my mother and I decided to do our family’s Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. We didn’t do a ton of gifts, everyone got something and that was all because we just didn’t want the clutter and junk. Autumn got more things than we did because all 5 of my siblings really wanted to spoil her, and I didn’t mind. She is awfully cute, after all. ūüėČ

Holiday Gifts

I did something a little crazy. I spent some extra unbudgeted income and our Digit savings on a very nice present for Ian (I’ll tell you about it later, I don’t trust him not to snoop here to see what it is, smart man knows I blog about everything!) He has very few nice things that he really can use where we live – he has a lot of hunting gear he can’t really use because we’re in the middle of the city and on the weekends he has been trying to spend as much quality time with us as possible because we know that during the week him working third shift limits that a lot, especially with Autumn.

He mentioned really wanting to get me something nice, since in August we ended up spending $400 on new tires, that limited his¬†budget, which was fine by me since I’m not really a gifty person so I didn’t really want anything all that much…gifts just aren’t my thing. So I figured if he’s going to do one really nice gift this year then I might as well too. Autumn has a ridiculous amount¬†of things coming from Ian’s parents and I have a few gifts I know she’ll love that are educational and fun for her, so we really aren’t doing a lot for the holidays this month. I made all homemade gifts for Ian’s family because they said we were doing that this year, of course I’m the only one who actually¬†did do homemade gifts, but hey… I was just following what I was told everyone else was doing.

What are you doing special financially this month?