Managing Social Media with Excellence

This is a rather long post for me, and I apologize. I spent a lot of time mismanaging blogging in general, a huge part of my struggle was social media. This post is my detailed plan of how I came back from a broken blog to a thriving one, primarily using one tool to simplify my social media efforts. 

I really struggled to build Youthful Homemaker for a long time, mostly due to my inability to keep up with balancing blog posts, products and social media. So this year when I rededicated myself to rebuilding Youthful Homemaker, I used Coschedule almost exclusively to turn everything around. I changed my business model to reflect my own priorities and then decided to completely change everything I had been doing up until that point with managing my blog’s social media. So if you want to join me on doing this journey to stop mismanaging social media, here is what I did and what I suggest you do to help come back.

Picking what social media platforms to focus on will help you streamline your workflow and make delegating easy if once you’re at that point in your business, if you aren’t already. My focuses are Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram in that order. I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter and don’t enjoy using it, so right now I mostly just share my blog posts there automatically and just let it sit. I focused primarily re-sharing my own content, and implemented it using the strategies I determined next.

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Blog Post Marketing

Once you know your focus areas, it’s time to create a strategy. There are lots of planners out there you can use and if you already have one, then stick with it and don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. I personally use a combination of my personal planner and the planner by Tabitha from the Inspired Blogger’s Network. It has some nice worksheets for writing out your goals and deciding your routine, strategy and priorities which is paramount. My strategy isn’t exactly set in stone, but here is how I decided to market new posts.

  • Facebook: Sharing my content when I publish a post, about a week later as a reminder to keep it fresh in my reader’s minds, 90 days later and then a year after a post is published.
  • Pinterest: I created a Pinterest board for the best of my blog posts from this blog and used it as much for my own reference as for marketing purposes. I shared to a select number of group boards after publishing new posts and participated in the sharing threads in my blogging groups in order to seed my initial social media influence.
  • Twitter: I followed a schedule that is identical to my Facebook schedule
  • Instagram: Instead of setting a schedule, I set myself reminders to start posting regularly, which helps me because I wanted Instagram to be more about sharing a window into my family and how we really live in the day to day, instead of it being about blog posts or products.

On another note, I also found that the editorial calendar feature in CoSchedule has really helped me. Part of my new strategy was having a sustainable posting schedule, which for me meant posting valuable content 3 days a week unless I wanted to post more frequently like when I did my Preparing for Baby on a Budget series. CoSchedule being drag and drop makes it so easy. I can see all of my blog posts, and my social media posts for any given day. I had a lot of old blog post drafts from attempts at posting schedules before that overwhelmed me. When I started finishing old posts and scheduling them to fill in between my new series and posts, I could drag my old posts in to fill in the gaps and allow me to be consistent with my schedule even when I didn’t have the creativity to come up with new posts on the spot.

Once I was good on my strategy for new posts, I began reworking old posts. I used CoSchedule to determine what posts of mine were already doing well on Pinterest and started going from there.

  1. Edited old posts like my 12 rules for an orderly home and my post where I talk about household stockpiling before baby comes.
  2. Created better graphics for Pinterest other social media
  3. Scheduled follow up posts with CoSchedule for the next year, changing the graphics and using different wording to encourage interaction.

Product and Freebie Marketing

Freebies are not something that make me any money in the short term, but they offer my readers something valuable and worth coming back for. Products, on the other hand are what keep the lights on. Having a product launching schedule has helped bring my blog from being a money pit to something that is helping us get out of debt, and making that schedule something that’s easy to track has helped more than I can say. In the past, part of my problem was trying to use too many tools, so I kept using CoSchedule to track my product launches and coordinate them with my other social media posts and blog posts so everything is seamless and coordinated.

For marketing my freebies, I repost them regularly, keeping track of that using the events feature in CoSchedule.

Keeping Future Ideas

I am an idea person. Sometimes, those ideas allow me to do wonderful things for my business, and my readers. Other times it really holds me back because I have trouble keeping those ideas in perspective. I started keeping my product ideas in Evernote, which integrates with CoSchedule. When I started keeping my notes and ideas in Evernote with CoSchedule it was easy not to let myself get sidetracked into working on something that doesn’t fit in with my schedule, because my schedule, and my priorities are laid out for me.

Having my calendar next to my ideas also helps me see when I might have a window that would work well for a product launch, maximizing my business’ income potential.

At the end of the day…

I chose to use one tool that did almost everything I needed. I know there are a lot of other bloggers who use other tools and their blogs thrive beautifully. I chose to use a single tool that cost me a fraction of the cost that other tools would to do the same thing. It keeps me on track and helps me manage all of the big areas that drive my business. I don’t need to tell you that social media and traffic is the bread and butter for a blogger, so even if your blog doesn’t need a complete overhaul like mine did, for managing social media and keeping an editorial calendar… CoSchedule is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about the service they provide and the features they have!