I usually try to avoid paying for education when it comes to online knowledge, because there is simply so much information out there for free that I don’t usually see a need to pay for things. That being said, Lynda.com is something I made an exception for. When I first started learning how to use a few of the basic Adobe products I found a lot of Lynda.com tutorials on  Youtube were some of the most useful for me. One night after I designed my first logo,I posted about it on Facebook. I was SO proud. A colleague recommended that I use Lynda.com, so I checked out their full website and immediately decided to try it out. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me, not only for things that are relevant to my websites like HTML  and CSS. If you want high quality education, I highly recommend Lynda.com, but don’t just jump in and buy a membership. Try looking at their free tutorials first to see how you like their basic videos.

If you like their format overall, then try a free trial so you aren’t locked into a membership if it isn’t a good fit for you. That is what I did, and I can’t tell you how much it has helped me learn the skills I needed to manage my own website and eventually become a graphic designer full time from home.

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