I originally purchased the Kong Wobbler for Katy to help with her separation anxiety. It is the perfect toy for a dog who won’t be attempt to chew on things that don’t readily deliver food that way. Colt does not quite understand how it works and tried to eat his way to the goodies inside, but the Wobbler surprisingly remained intact. It did require a little sanding, but after that was good as new. After that, we have only left the Wobbler in Katy’s crate with her since she

For Katy, the Kong Wobbler provides hours of entertainment and fun in the crate, which is fun for her and prevents her from losing her mind and going crazy in the crate. It does sound rather loud, and if you forget you have the Wobbler in their crate with them, it can cause one of those, “What is she doing in there?” moments.

One of the new things I am glad they added was a new size. Initially, when the Wobbler came out there was only one size, now there are two, the small that holds 1/2 a cup of food, and the large which holds 1 cup of food.


  • Great for dogs who can learn to play the game
  • Holds up well even under the jaws of a strong chewer
  • Provides entertainment for hours
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only!)


  • Only comes in 2 sizes at this time, small and large. Not a lot of variety if you have a very small dog or a very large one.


The Kong Wobbler is great for dogs who are big enough to use it, but might be a problem if you have a dog much smaller than my little 20 lbs Beagle. I absolutely love it for my Beagle, and love the fact that it means she has fun in the crate and she won’t scarf down her food. I think the Wobbler is a very nice toy for the price, and can recommend it because it survived Colt’s best attempts at assassination. They are a decent price on Amazon, but not much cheaper than your average-priced pet store, so make sure to shop around to get the best price!