stomach flu over for good 450
From late October to the end of December, my husband and I battled the stomach flu off and on. There are only two of us in the house, so when one of us is sick, it is an inconvenience, but the other person can pick up the slack. When both of us are down-and-out, it becomes a major problem. No one wants to walk the dogs, do the laundry, or keep up with the dishes so things become an utter disaster in our house. By the time we were finished dealing with the disaster left from the last bout  of the stomach flu, we would both be sick again…and it got old very quickly.

Finally, two days after Christmas I felt better. I was actually eating solid food besides crackers and food actually gained back some of it’s appeal, so I decided to make sure that my family was going to stay healthy for a long time after that. I thoroughly cleaned every surface in the house (yes, I really mean every surface. I think my husband thought I had developed OCD overnight.) I sanitized everything possible with either a bleach and water or vinegar and water cleaner, and made sure that all of the bedding, including the pillows, were all washed in hot water, with bleach when possible, to kill off any possible germs.

So, after the war on all possible germs in my home was complete, my next task was making my husband better as well. It only took a few days and he was better again. I thought that I would take a minute to suggest a few remedies that really helped us finally kick this terrible sickness… just in case the stomach flu decides to take up residence in your home:

  1. Yogi Ginger Tea was an absolute godsend.  I bought it because my husband has pretty consistent stomach issues and it was on clearance. It tastes alright (if you like ginger you’ll love it, I’m just not crazy about it) and works wonders for settling the stomach! I love it so much I am actually going to buy some full price. Of course, a simple chamomile of peppermint tea will also help soothe the unsettled tummy as well.
  2. Popsicles are amazing, but Gatorade Popsicles are even better. They are super-easy to make, we just used the powdered Gatorade we always keep at the house and made  popsicles out of it. If you’re into essential oils and want to avoid the chemicals of Gatorade then you can make your own homemade gatorade if you can stand it. My husband likes this version of a natural energy drink I found on Pinterest.
  3. Boost Protein Shakes were awesome when you know you need some kind of calories but you’re too nauseated to eat solid food. Usually I make smoothies and avoid store-bought items like this one, but we were just too tired and sick to care about cost when we got them. There are always coupons for them floating around. I also keep some of these in our stockpile for
  4. My husband swears by coke syrup (in-stores it is usually just marketed as anti-nausea liquid) that the Chinese doctors used to prescribe his family. I thought it was a crock until I tried it and discovered he was right (don’t tell him I said that, though!) You sip it every fifteen minutes or so until you feel better…it is amazing stuff.
  5. There is always the good-old favorites: saltine crackers and ginger ale. I read somewhere that drinking room-temperature drinks (as opposed to iced down drinks) helps when you have the stomach flu, I have no clue if it works, but I tried it and it didn’t seem to hurt.

Do you know of any other remedies I am missing? Leave me a comment below and let me now of any I might have overlooked, I would love to hear them.