Chicken EnchiladasI realized this week that as of the 14th I only have 2 months until baby Logan is supposed to be here. So, of course, my first reaction was to go back to the crazy cleaning and organizing – then when I went grocery shopping I may have gone a little over budget because I was in stockpile mode, but I ended up with some amazing to die for freezer meals, so I’m happy.

Here is the process for those of you who are visual like me, the recipe is below all of the images.

I started off by making my chicken in the InstaPot overnight using the crockpot function. The timer is handy because it stopped cooking about an hour before we got up and was cooling nicely by the time I was ready to start cooking. This makes the chicken tender and moist, plus it takes pretty much no time and effort at all… definitely my kind of cooking.
Shredded Chicken for Freezer Enchiladas

I shredded it with a fork and let it hang out in the colander while I made the mix with the other ingredients.

I made a rather large batch that ended up with 21 enchiladas. We package ours in sets of three because with a side dish that’s the perfect serving for us, but obviously do what works for your family.

Ingredients for Enchilada Filling Mix

Using my years of practice and highly precise cooking skills, I dumped the ingredients into the mixer one at a time and mixed them up. If you’re someone who wants the precise order, here it is:

  1. sour cream
  2. cheese
  3. green chiles
  4. cream of chicken soup
  5. shredded chicken

Mixing enchilada filling ingredients for freezer cooking.


The one step I don’t have shown is that we ended up with more mix than would fit in the mixer bowl, so we split it into two separate bowls. Not too complicated.

Next I had a slight interruption, I ended up making a beef bacon and egg sandwich for my husband in the middle of filling my tortillas with the mix, luckily I had Autumn to help me. 😉


Filling enchiladas for the freezerOnce we filled each shell, I rolled it and laid it in the pan. Once all the enchiladas for one pan were laid out we added the enchilada sauce and sprinkled some cheese on top.


enchiladas-step5-filling and finishing

It was so easy. Seriously. I ended up with a total of 21 enchiladas. If you buy 2 packs of tortillas like I did you will end up one short, but I always have extra tortillas on hand so it wasn’t a big deal. I kept out one set of enchiladas to have for dinner and they were a huge hit. When we baked ours the sauce dried out, but it tasted great.