I had just purchased the new Genius Kongs when I brought home my Boxer/Pitt mix, Colt. With a big strong jaw,  within a matter of days, despite me trying to keep their Kongs separate, he had destroyed all of my Beagle’s smaller Kongs, so we had to move entirely to the extra large Extreme Kongs because even the large red Kongs just weren’t cutting it with Colt. We have had him since March of this year, and it is now November and not one of them is damaged from his strong jaws.

So if you have an aggressive chewer, I highly recommend using Extreme Kongs…they are awesome! They have an entire line of them, it’s not just the standard Kong that you stuff with food. We even got him an Extreme Kong Ball…which he constantly playing with. When we won’t throw the ball, he will pick it up and throw it up in the air himself…goofy dog.