One of the things I think about most when I’m pregnant is being prepared. I stockpile, clean like crazy, organize like someone is going to come and do a thorough inspection of every closet, cabinet and clutter hiding place, and then of course, there are the healthcare costs. So when I started approaching my third trimester with Baby Logan I thought about how to find out what would be a reasonable cost to pay for my delivery, which meant I would have to have some kind of idea what was being charged.

Screenshot 2015-11-06 15.07.13The Estimates for the Bill

What I loved about the Kentucky Hospital Charge Information site is that is gave me numbers about the actual hospital that I’ll be giving birth in. That is really useful and helps me know what I can really expect. Averages are nice, but it’s better to have something that’s more personal to my situation.

I have been really careful to be positive and focus on the best outcomes, and since my rose-colored glasses are firmly in place, plus my doctors don’t have any concerns so far and I have no reason that baby Logan won’t be a perfectly normal birth.

Things that will change the billScreenshot 2015-11-06 15.10.48

Obviously, if I end up with a C-section or have some other complication, the price will change. But since my birth with Autumn is normal and I’m not even considering the possibility of anything other than a normal, plain, boring birth I’m just going with these numbers for now. The other thing is that those numbers will obviously be going down once my insurance is applied to it.

I have two kinds of insurance, a plan through my parents (yay for being only 25 and still being on mom and dad’s insurance!) and it is a very high deductible plan that resets the month before I give birth. I don’t really anticipate them covering a whole lot, which is why I am very thankful for my secondary insurance, which is Passport

How I kept my hospital bill low

    1. I won’t be getting an epidural. Not because I have any issues with them – I think moms who get them are just as wonderful and strong as the moms who don’t. I have a lovely tendency to develop allergies to medications and we don’t want me in labor having an allergic reaction to something they just injected into my spine. That really doesn’t sound like it would be safe for baby, or for me, so we’re going to avoid it at all costsWith Logan, I found that using the Hypnobabies audio mp3 was very helpful. I listened to it some during labor, but I also listened to it the night before labor, both when I was awake and when the doctor knocked me out. When my labor started to get intense, I was able to think about riding the waves of my contractions and letting my body do the work. Having a mantra helped me a lot.

      I thought birth hypnosis was pretty bizarre, but apparently it’s getting more mainstream now, I saw an article in Cosmo when I was about it.

2. We’re also bringing essential oils to use during labor. I’ve had been using essential oils for a while and I have successfully used them when I’m in pain and have confidence that using them will reduce my need for pain meds.

I am also hoping that they will help my speed up the labor, which would prevent me from being in the hospital for an extra long time. I was there a total of three days because of how long I was in labor with Autumn, which increased the charges a lot.

3. Making sure to maintain a healthy diet beforehand and bring good snacks for during labor and after. While I don’t remember what the charges were for food, once I could eat I was ravenous, far hungrier than the amount of food they gave me at meal time. I was also almost dangerously low on iron because I lost a lot of blood during labor, I wish there had been healthier foods for me at the hospital, and a lot.

I think that if I had better nourished I would have recovered a lot faster, had more energy during labor and just been better overall.

With Logan, the hospital kept pushing sodas on me, even though all I really wanted was water and that was very annoying. I had a lot of snacks packed for myself, but not a ton for Ian and we ended up eating out a lot during our hospital stay. I had a lot of energy bars and that kind of thing, something easy to eat, tasty and convenient that packed a lot of calories without being too heavy. It’s not natural, but it worked for what it needed to.

The second time around, My hospital bills were significantly lower because I was only there two days instead of three, and I had a lot less little charges as a result.

I also made it a point to be extra nice to the nurses (we bought them cookies during our stay, twice!) and as a result they sent me home with literally bags of freebies. They told us they were happy to support kind, respectful young couples and they always had extras. When I stopped nursing Logan, I still had sample packs of Lanolin to share with my girl friends for their diaper bags!