Over the last couple of weeks I have been playing around with my recipe for my general cleaner and have finally refined it to clean and smell right- finally! It has taken a little bit of tinkering, but here it is:

I mixed it all up and this batch has been great for everything. I have used it to get bright purple and pink icing spots out or carpet (long story…just don’t ask) to cleaning windows and the shower. I wasn’t sure it would be that great with the shower grime, but it was actually kind of awesome. I also love the way it smells.

My husband commented after I did all the counters with it that the kitchen smelled really good, so that pushed it from a ‘Oh, this is nice!’ kind of recipe to ‘Yup- keeping that for sure!’ I mean, how often does a man comment on how nice the kitchen smells when there isn’t food involved, right?

Quick question for my other essential oil friends: I am thinking about using essential oils in my laundry soap instead of using a fabric softener. I really just want the laundry to smell good, so any suggestions on how much to use? Should I add it to the washer directly or can I should I add it into my homemade laundry soap for the best effect? Thanks!