I am kind of a craft supply hoarder. I have a really bad habit of saving things like fabric or items I intend to repurpose in order to use them for ‘something special’ in the future. I’ve been going through the house and dong my best to eliminate all chaos and could no longer ignore the fact that my crafts had become truly unreasonable. So I immediately made a list of all of the occasions we had coming up any time soon. My goal is to be prepared from now through April, so that I don’t have to make any gifts for the holidays and I don’t have to worry about things like that for a while after baby comes in February. Here were some of the things I needed to make:

  • Christmas/Hanukkah gifts for family (I needed around 25 gifts in all for everyone on both sides of the family, plus I wanted to have 5ish extras and some baked goods set aside for people I forgot or who are guests at wherever we are celebrating)
  • Birthday gifts for family members between October and April (6 people to make gifts for, which wasn’t too bad)

The other thing I had to correct was the crazy number of unfinished projects I had, some of which were very important to me. Those included:

  • My first quilt, made from an old sleeping bag that Ian used in college and was in sore need of repair.
  • A quilt for Autumn, all her blankets were little kid size and she needed something warmer for her bedroom in our new house which isn’t the best room for temperature control

Here were some of the other projects I wanted to make so I didn’t have to buy them for the house.

  • Grocery bag holder (don’t judge, I know they’re easy to make, I just never made the time to do it. There are always more exciting projects then a holder for grocery bags!)
  • Kitchen Aid cover
  • Fixing the bed sheets that always come off in the middle of the night, which I find very irritating.
  • A mat for the front hall for the winter, so our entryway stayed dryish and wasn’t a slipping hazard
  • A ‘fancy’ apron for Autumn, because she has been asking for one for a while
  • Bags with the clear lining so I could contain sets of toys while still seeing what is inside
  • A crash mat for Autumn out of the old pillows I’ve been hoarding
  • Matching curtains for Autumn that went with the crash mat
  • Turn my old not-very-absorbent towels into reusable Swiffer pads
  • A smattering of other household things, small projects mostly
  • Altering clothing that was too small or not comfortable so it could be worn for nursing tops and dresses
  • Fixing the never-ending stream of rips in Ian’s work jeans. If you don’t know how to repair clothes ladies, don’t marry a machinist or go buy stock in Wrangler, trust me on this.

So… you can see what I mean, right? There are a lot of little things and considering it’s September and baby is coming in February, I felt a little panicky. I opted to work on one small project a day, or put thirty minutes into a big project. That worked really well because it gave me a solid goal to work towards and I didn’t feel bad on the days when I wanted to sit down and tackle huge things and couldn’t because of energy or thing like cooking and cleaning (can you imagine my family still wants to be fed when I am nesting? Jeez! The nerve of those people sometimes!)

Since the beginning of September, here is what I managed to finish so far. I’m not posting tutorials on the blog because taking pictures and having to make everything picture perfect was not the goal here. I knew if I did that I wouldn’t be anywhere near my goals by the time the baby came.


Projects Made

Sewing Machine Pin Holder

DIY Pin Holder for Sewing Machine

An I-Spy Bag for Roadtrips

DIY I-Spy Bag for Roadtrips

{Repaired} Separated Velcro Cord Organizers

Excess Supplies Used

I used up a ton of things, like these 3 spools of ugly thread and 6 bobbins of thread that had no matching spool.

I also used a ton of fabric and made a lot more projects, but I didn’t want to keep stopping to take pictures or I was afraid I would lose momentum or get distracted.

Still working

There is still a huge mountain of projects and fabric I want to use up before baby gets here… but I am encouraged because already it’s a lot better than it was. I’m still adhering to the principal of not putting any of the fabric away until it’s been made into a project, but once I started having tons of scraps, I did put them in a temporary holder so they would not spread around the house when our visiting dog friend carried one off or Autumn decided to turn them into blankets for babies, bandages or whatever her imagination says the scraps are that day.