How shopping online for groceries has completely changed how I shop for groceries

I don’t particularly enjoy grocery shopping, but I don’t hate it either. I used to spend a lot of time making a grocery list for multiple stores, driving multiple places and doing extreme couponing to get the best deals. I wanted to save money on groceries and that’s the way that I was told to do it. Well-meaning bloggers post all the time about how it’s the best way to save money by finding the right deals, but that just isn’t always the case. Sometimes saving time is as important as saving money and because my time is scarce, I decided to try a new system after Logan was born. I started using Kroger’s new Click List service and really loved it. I had three free trials where I paid no fee for the service, but even after that it’s only $4.95 and that saves me at least an hour of shopping time so I consider it well worth it.

The best feature of all

The beautiful thing about shopping online for groceries this way, using the Click List service, is that I can see exactly how much I’m going to spend on everything. It gives me time to plan out exactly what he coupons all use, if I use any printable paper coupons, and what rebates values from places like Ibotta. With the freedom to take as much time as I need to “grocery shop” I have more time to make menu plans based around sale prices. I can also check and see if an item I want is on sale, even if it isn’t listed in the flyer for that week. It makes things very easy because I don’t need to reference in the other outside websites like I used to for example grocery

Other benefits

One of my other favorite benefits of using Click List is that every time you shop you get a survey where you can give feedback. The feedback is really important to the employees, especially right now when the service is so new, so Kroger gives you 50 extra bonus fuel points for filling out their survey. The survey takes maybe 10 minutes, or maybe 15 if you’re distracted by a baby and a toddler that both want your attention. But it’s worth it to me because I usually use Click List once a week. That means at the end of the month I’ve earned 200 extra fuel points and those points mean that I have saved an extra $.20 a gallon on one fill up, that’s on top of the points that I’m earning from buying my groceries. We usually spend $75 on groceries a week (maybe $100 if there are a lot of toiletries and such or if we’re traveling and I buy more convenience food) so I save a good amount on gas just with that.

Obviously, the time saved is a huge benefit. All I have to do is drive to the store, call their phone number and they bring me out my groceries. If I have paper coupons they come out and bring them inside to scan them, then come out to ring me up and load my groceries.

The other beautiful thing about having the store employees get your groceries is that you get the first pick of the product. My mother and I (who both use the service all the time) have commented that even when the product in the store isn’t looking too hot, we’ve never gotten anything that wasn’t in great shape.

Click List also eliminates the need to figure out substitutes, because they do that for you if you want. If they are out of regular cucumbers, they’ll substitute the next best thing which is usually an upgrade. The best part is that you always pay whichever price is lower. One time I ordered an 4 lbs bag of oranges and they gave me an 8 lbs bag for the price of one 4 lbs bag. One time I forgot to tell them not to substitute the lasagna and they ended up giving us the Italian lasagna, which has pork that we don’t eat in it. That wasn’t their fault, but it does bear mentioning that if you have special food issues you may want to remove the option to let them sub things for you on any items that must be specific.

How shopping online for groceries has completely changed how I shop for groceries