I have been doing a lot of research about ways to save money on our standard household household products and kept seeing The Dollar Share Club all over my Facebook feed. So, I looked into it and as part of my simplifying goals this year, I decided to get a membership for our household. I was actually in the process of signing up when I noticed a comment on the Facebook ad I was signing up through that said that you could buy the same razors for a lot cheaper elsewhere.

Loving the Dollar Shave Club


My dad had tried the Dollar Shave Club, so I at least knew of someone who had used it. I asked him about it and he had been vey satisfied with it. My mom mentioned that they sent more razors than dad needed, so they had to keep pausing their subscription, but that dad was happy with the razors overall.

I actually did get a subscription for one month, just to try them. my husband tried the razors first and said he liked them, but they weren’t anything special. He said if they were as expensive as razors like Gillette, to buy the Gillette because they weren’t as nice, but they did the job and he was happy with them if they weren’t too expensive.

I tried them next and had the same feeling about them, they were okay but nothing amazing. I preferred my Venus Razors, which I got cheap enough with my printable coupons and rebates from places like iBotta and Checkout 51 that I don’t feel bad about buying them. I was neutral on the issue, so I decided to go ahead and trying the same brand that you can get off Amazon to see if there was any difference.

Trying the Dollar Shave Club Alternatives

The brand of razor that the Dollar Shave Club has rebranded as their own is called Dorco. I bought the product on the right (just so you know so you can make your own comparison if you want) and I wasn’t any more, or less, impressed with these.

Because I bought a lot of them, I ended up getting two of the kits above so Ian and I could both use them for a bit. They were cheaper than the Club price and we liked them well enough. Why pay more for the convenience of automatic monthly shipping when I have two day free shipping with Amazon Prime?

The shave was the same (which I expected) but because we used them a lot longer I discovered something I really didn’t like. Out of the two refill packs we bought, almost all of mine broke after several uses. I’m not particularly rough on razors, but these seemed to have some kind of problem with the head and how it attached to the body. I can say for certain I’ve never had this consistent of a problem in all the years I’ve used other brands.

Update June 2016: Because we got so many refills we’ve been using the Dorco razors for about a year now. I wasn’t satisfied with them because of the breakage issue, but Ian didn’t seem to have that problem as often. Now that we’re running out, I’m going back to couponing for Gillette razors for Ian and Venus razors for me, or I’ll just use the Gillette, I’m not proud. With a good sale price, a rebate and the usual printable coupons I almost always have for them, they are actually more affordable than you might think.


I have no problem with the Dollar Shave Club. I like the concept of not having to worry about running out of razors. For me personally, I can achieve the same thing by couponing and stocking up when our preferred razors are on sale. If you don’t mind paying for the convenience, then I would try out a box of the Dorco, less expensive version before you buy the premium version. If you don’t have the issue with them breaking, then go for it! But ultimately we decided to just get the name brand we don’t have to worry about slicing my leg open because the head came off mid-shave. Yeah, that happened more than once and that’s what killed the Dorco razors for me in the end.

At the end of the day I wouldn’t recommend the Dollar Shave Club, but some people have had a great experience with them.