I am a huge fan of Kong products, and I am happy to say that I have found yet another toy that has proven to be a lot of fun for my dogs, and has lasted through the powerful jaws of my wonderful Boxer/Pitt mix, Colt. Usually, average chew toys last only minutes with him, but this toy has lasted very well.

Pros: The rope on the ball was great for playing fetch. The ball has lasted for months with only a few teeth marks in the ball to show how much it has been used.

Cons: Although the rope was great for fetch, it did not hold up to Colt’s chewing for long. The simple solution was to get rid of the rope and keep the ball, so this was not a big issue at all.

The Bottom Line: I love this product and recommend it to anyone with light to moderate chewers, especially if they love to play fetch. If you have an aggressive chewer or a dog with a strong jaw like mine, make sure to watch the rope carefully so they do not chew off one end and swallow it.