I still feel terrible. Pregnancy…. some days it just sucks. The only good thing about it is that at the end of it you get a cute baby to hold, but in the mean time it’s mostly just puking. Lots and lots of puking an not feeling good. All that aside, I hope if you’re pregnant you don’t feel anything like how I do.

dehydrated-pineapple-collageIf you do, however, and you want something to snack on to keep yourself from getting sick (hopefully!) then these are so easy to make and very simple.

  1. Buy canned pineapple chunks, or a whole pineapple and cut it up into pieces.
  2. Place the chunks in the dehydrator and dehydrate for 8 to 12 hours at 135 degrees.
  3. Bag them and keep them in your purse for easy access or in a glass jar to keep them fresh and tasting amazing.

love these. So much. I can’t even tell you how much.