Handling Rude Debt Collectors from Youthful Homemaker

If you’re getting out of debt, then chances are you might have an account, or five, in collections like I did. This morning I was so excited to pay off an old debt that I had owed for a while, so I called and was treated with a rude and snobby attitude, the woman was so rude that I informed her that I would call back next month and hoped I would get someone with better manners.

Handling it With Grace

Handling Rude Debt Collectors from Youthful HomemakerDebt collectors deal with all kinds of rude people all day long, so I try to be extra nice to them. I thank them for their helpfulness and just try to make their day a little brighter. It’s amazing how when you are kind to someone how they will work with you more, offer you a better settlement and how much better you’ll feel. Of course, you might also get Miss Snobby Rudeness who is just rude no matter what, but not being rude in kind will go a long way toward making it less likely to escalate.

If you’re dealing with someone who is just nasty as nasty can be, tell them you need to speak to a supervisor because you don’t appreciate the way they are talking to you. Often times, this will make them be kinder, or you’re dealing with someone different so it’s a non-issue. You don’t need to be rude in return, just calmly insist on speaking to someone else. It’s amazing how much nicer people are when you want to talk to the person above them on the ladder.

If you get transferred and end up with a supervisor who is just as rude, or for some reason they can’t/won’t send you up the line, then inform them calmly but firmly that you expect to be treated with respect. If they are still rude, tell them that you will call back next month and hope for better service. Then do it! After I hung up from my rude customer-non-service rep this morning I penciled in to call them back next month. My extra debt payments will be going somewhere else this month!

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Many times, debt collectors make their money based on their success, so really they just want you to have your account settled or to have you on a payment plan – take advantage of their goals and use them for good. They don’t care if you are paying 15 other accounts off or if you’re using an Ebates check to settle your account with them because you’re on a limited budget – they just want their money.

Update March 1, 2016:  I did end up calling this company again in December and got the same person, it must be a small company. She was just as rude the second time and I informed her that I would call back in January and I would continue calling back without paying them until I got kind service. In February I got a letter in the mail with a settlement offer, so I ended up paying online without having to deal with the rude woman a third time.

Being in debt stinks, but it’s a lot more fun with friends who are doing it too! Make sure not to miss any of our posts about getting out of debt here.