Hey budget bosses!

I’m so excited to share this video with you! I have been using Cozi for years for my calendar as a companion to my paper planner. I use it for text reminders (mostly for my husband!) and then for important tasks I like to have as part of my normal routine, but I don’t always remember.

But the best feature of Cozi is their menu planning interface. Firstly, it’s totally 100% free, and you can import recipes from Pinterest in under 30 seconds. It’s awesome!!!  Here’s the video of how, or if you scroll down a little further there’s a picture walkthrough of how I do it.

I have saved so much time by switching to Cozi for my digital menu planning. It’s been huge for helping me make meal plans on the go or whenever I have a free minute. 

The best part is that it’s free, and the free version has all of the features! It’s not one of those crappy “free” memerships where they save the good features for the paid members. I hate those.

All of the menu planning tols are totally free. 😀