I struggle with depression. I hate that sometimes, I feel weak because I have to be on medication to help me be my happy, thriving self who showers regularly and doesn’t live in sweat pants and t-shirts.

Real Life with Depression

Sometimes I get sad and upset for no logical reason.

Sometimes, my daughter is the only reason I don’t sleep through half the day. Some mornings I have to fake enthusiasm and excitement when she wakes up, because even though I am thrilled to see her, I dread dragging myself through another day.

Some days I lay on the couch and watch television and let the dishes sit because I just can’t make myself care enough to get things done that I need to.

Some days I do the absolute bare minimum to get by and feel inadequate because I didn’t do everything I “should” have done.

I am thankful for antidepressants and herbal supplements that help me function normally.

I am thankful I have a functioning tea pot that sings for me every morning while making me my cup of tea to get the day going.

I am thankful for a child whose laughter is infectious and keeps me smiling.

Sometimes I invite people over just to give myself a reason to get things clean.

There are days where I don’t want to keep living. I don’t want to die, but the thought of having to keep pressing on and on is discouraging.