Bible Journaling inspiration & ideas

Bible Journaling is something that I found on Pinterest, and I’m so glad I did. At first, it was just art. I wanted a new place where I could be creative, something that was tangible and wasn’t confined to the screens of my Mac and phone.  The Bible was something comfortable and uplifting, and it definitely had plenty of content, so I jumped in head first. I enjoyed the art and loved having so much content to work with that all had an emotional connection to a long-lost part of myself, with the part of me that used to crave the Word and look forward to doing quiet time.

I found that doing Bible Journaling made a huge difference in my day. I noticed my mood was better and I could feel my faith, my connection with the Word rekindling and growing. Soon I pulled out an old abandoned Bible study that had been sitting abandoned for several years and started working.

I’m so thankful for Bible Journaling and the difference it’s made in my life, so I decided to be brave and start sharing all of my art here on the blog. Why all of it? Because there is so much out there on Pinterest that it’s easy to feel pressured to make it all glamorous and beautiful, seemingly perfect. My Bible is far from perfect. Some of the designs are lovely, but some of them are plain and very minimalist. Some aren’t even all that great, but they’re mine.

So, here are some of my designs, I have a lot more I’ll be uploading throughout the next week or so. I hope you enjoy them!

My Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

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When I got started, I had a set of colored pencils because they were what I could afford. I then added in a set of Micron pens, then I upgraded to two sets of Faber Castell gelatos. After that I got a Tab punch that I use with scrapbooking paper I already had on hand, and I haven’t purchased anything new since then. Well, not yet anyway. The products below can be seen in the pictures of my designs, but they are all my affiliate links, so it helps keep the lights on here. 😉