I had the hardest time finding cute clothes that fit me right when I was a nursing mom, especially since I was on a tight budget. There were tons of cute tops I couldn’t afford, so I ended up making this list, as much for myself for when I want to start nursing, as to share here with you.

To make it easy, I have them separated out into categories. I personally loved the short-sleeved nursing shirts best, since I was always warm when I was nursing, especially since I used my Boba carrier which I love so I always had a human space heater attached to me.

Short-Sleeved Nursing Tops Under $45

Nursing tank tops were my absolute favorite thing. I loved that the spaghetti-strap style let me wear my normal t-shirts, which helped me when I was trying to feel a little more “normal” and a little less like a human milk factory. I also really loved just normal tanks because during the warm months when you’re always holding and loving on a little person, it’s just easier to have less layers on and to have a little more breeze to keep you cool.

Nursing Tanks

I had a few 3/4 length shirts, and one or two long-sleeved shirts that I wore on a rare occasion, because I stayed so warm, but I know not everyone is warm natured like me, so I’m including some of these too. 🙂 Can’t have any cold milk-making mamas!

Long-Sleeved Nursing Shirts