I was really excited about the Belly Button Body Button from Mother’s Lounge because their products are pretty fantastic as a general rule. I got their reusable breast pads and loved them and I figured I would love this too.

Belly Band Review

My initial reaction

I am carrying very low with Logan, and I thought I would need one that covered my full belly because nothing sitting on or around my waist has been particularly comfortable unless it’s an elastic maxi skirt waistband. Since I normally wear a 14-16, I ordered the XL, as their sizing chart indicated. I’m also very long in the torso, so I figured there was no way I would need to go down a size. When it came I wasn’t terribly far along, but because of where baby Logan sat I was already not comfortable in my jeans.

Belly Button Body Band sizing chart. Good to know when I order mine soon!

My first reaction was that it was too long in the upper section. Unless I rolled it down a couple of times, it didn’t sit right with my bra and it just wasn’t comfortable. If I was shorter or if I had a short torso, I would not have been able to wear it at all. I wonder how the smaller size would have fit me, but I worry that it would have been too tight in the rib cage, so I’m just not sure.

My thoughts after wearing it a while

The band isn’t uncomfortable, but it really heats you up. I’m normally kind of a cold-blooded person – if things are hot I’m hot and if they’re cold then so am I, but during this pregnancy I’ve been on the warmer side. Wearing the band over my belly made most events hot and stuffy, sometimes to the point of sweating which wasn’t fun. If I’m going to be wearing jeans it’s because I want to look cute, not like a sweaty gross mess.

I thought that as my baby bump expanded that the issue of length would resolve itself, but it never really did. If I left the band unrolled the whole ensemble would fall several inches, which made my jeans fit weird. If I rolled the band there was a bulge that showed under some shirts and made the band a little uncomfortable just where the band rolled.

The other thing is that I did have to repair the band – one time when I was wearing it the button popped off. While sewing a button on is no big deal, that could have been really bad and if I were a non-sewing person who couldn’t repair it I would have been really disappointed.

Belly Band ReviewOn the up side, it did let me wear my jeans and I did love that. Because nothing helps you feel put together like a cute pair of jeans and a nice top. I loved the way it looked under shirts (minus the band-rolling issue).  I did end up wearing it a lot, I wear a lot of black shirts so it blended in well. In a picture, a lot of times it’s hard to tell what’s just my black shirt and what is the band. When I wore it, it just looked like another layer, like it was a tank. I would definitely never buy a white one because it did cover my butt and I don’t want to worry about possibly sitting on something that would stain a white band – so if you get one I would definitely get a dark one!

Would I buy it again?

Even with it’s issues I would still buy it again, and here’s why. Maternity jeans are not cheap, even used. I paid $15 for this thing, since I paid only shipping using my code. I don’t know that there are a lot of solutions that would have been comfortable for me, and this definitely worked for the occasions I needed it to. I would rather spend $15 on something that wasn’t maybe the most comfortable then spend $50+ on a pair of jeans or two that I’ll use for the same amount of time I used the band.

I’m still considering getting the belly bands (the small ones that don’t go over your stomach, which seemed to be where all of my problems happened) because I know I don’t be ready to go back into my pre-baby jeans immediately but don’t want to wear this after Logan is born.

All in all, it isn’t a bad product, it’s better than anything I tried that didn’t button on your jeans by a long shot. I would recommend it, but I would also recommend getting the return insurance. Frankly, I think them not offering free returns is a little ridiculous, but their products are worth spending a little money. I definitely wouldn’t have bought it full price, so don’t go out and buy one without a coupon code if you’re going to get one.


Belly Button Body Band freebie

So, if you’ve tried the Belly Button Body Band, I would love to know how it worked for you. Did it fit you well?