With Autumn, I didn’t have a designated baby changing station. I also didn’t have as nearly complicated of a life as I do now. Between having two kids at home all day while I also work from home, nursing Logan, playing with Autumn, doing her lessons, keeping the house in order, keeping everyone fed and then making time for my husband…I’m busy. So having a few different spots where I have everything I need for a diaper change makes a big difference in the flow of my day.

Packing the Diaper Station

This is the one I use the most. When I have disposable diapers, like when I first got home from the hospital with Logan or when my mom finds them on sale and sends them to me, they go inside of the holder. Because cloth diapers are so much bigger I just set them next to it and that works just as well.

organize-changing-stations-2Things in my diaper changing station:

  • 1-2 onesies
  • 1-2 pairs of pants
  • a receiving blanket
  • wipes
  • diaper stick
  • baby powder
  • spare binkies
  • breast pads
  • an extra bib or two
  • teething medicine ( a recent addition)
  • Roller bottle of Digize essential oil for upset tummy
  • small toys

Even though this one is smaller, it has more things in it because I use it all the time.

This starter out as something that was just for my living room, then I realized when we went to visit places like my parents where we were staying for more than a day or two, it was perfect to take on the road for the same purpose. It’s easy enough to set it somewhere inconspicuous instead of having to have the entire diaper bag hanging around all the time. Plus, if I can keep the diaper bag stocked then I don’t have to worry about it before we walk out the door. And with a little person and a toddler, the less thinking and remembering I have to do in the moment, the better off everyone is.