How our family used automated savings to make big changes to our financial situation.

I was very excited about Digit when I first saw it. My husband was not crazy about the idea of someone/something else handling our money but he reluctantly agreed to try it. The thing I was excited about was not that it’s automatic, but that it’s intuitive. So if one week our bank balance is low, I won’t have to worry like I would with a normal standard bank transfer if we’ll have enough. With Digit, it picks an amount you can afford based on your spending habits and bank balance and it won’t let you overdraft – obviously a plus because over drafting sucks and it’s just insulting when it happens because you’re trying to put money in savings.

Automatic savings with Digit is a really neat way to add to your savings in a way you won't miss. It won't overdraft you and it changes based on your account balance.. AWESOMEMy Experience

Week one of using the program, our bank balance was $35 until Ian’s paycheck cleared and Digit withdrew a whopping $3.23. While that wasn’t a lot, I was glad that it didn’t withdraw a ton more and I was just so excited about saving money and prone to fits of hormonal mood swings (I blame the baby!) that I was probably just overly excited in general.

Over to the right you can see the text message I got, including a gif of Donald diving into a pile of gold. I’ll give them this, Digit knows how to make this fun and get their participants excited about saving.


You can have it text you daily or weekly to tell you your bank account balance, I chose to have it weekly so I wouldn’t be bothered during my work day and so when their text messages came I wouldn’t be tempted to just ignore them because I see them all the time.

Overall opinion

I really love Digit. I haven’t had any issues with them and I have used the money in a variety of ways. First, I used it to have a little extra to get things on Amazon we needed or wanted. Sometimes if money got tight because we overspent we would use it for gas money, but a lot of times I will think about it, withdraw it and use it to make an extra payment on our student debt. So far since I’ve started using Digit I’ve made around $400 in extra student debt payments. Our minimum payments are around $80