Amazon Affiliate

Amazon’s affiliate program, called Amazon Associates, is by far the most profitable affiliate program, and one of the easiest affiliate programs I have used. Amazon sells practically everything, and in my experience people will buy just about anything there.

Best Amazon Associate practices:

  • Link to books and other media on Amazon whenever possible. Reviews and casual mentions are a great opportunity to recommend products you love to your readers!
  • Small items like supplements and gadgets are very popular in my experience
  • You can use text or image links. Integrating images into your blog posts will make your readers much more likely to click through and of course buy things.


ShareASale is my second favorite affiliate network because even though it is smaller than companies Commission Junction, I like the formatting better. Many of the companies I use are on both ShareASale and Commission Junction, but more than onse I have noticed that the commissions for the programs on ShareASale are higher for whatever reason.

Commission Junction/Affiliate by Conversant

Affiliate by Conversant, which is more widely known as Commission Junction to those who have been in the affiliate program game for a while, is a great company. From what I have read and understand, they are the go-to affiliate network for bloggers and website owners. 

Commission Junction has a lot more junky affiliate programs to wade through, so my advice is to only apply for those that are a fit with your website’s genre theme and values.

A note of caution

There are a lot of junky affiliate programs out there that might tempt you with their high payouts, but please do not let the promise of a $25 commission for an email signup encourage you to clutter your website with advertising clutter. Use your affiliate programs to support companies you love and recommend products you use to your readers. If you have a blog about frugal living, don’t have check advance companies advertised in your sidebar. If you are a healthy eating blogger, don’t put an ad for Godiva where your sponsors are.