If you’re following along with the series, yesterday I started talking about how I plan to have 30 days of simplifying 10 items a day. Yesterday was my day 1 and I spent it making a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish, including the things I wanted to do and the things I had to do.

Day 1

So, here is my master list of things I want/need to get done. I have marked the things I must do with a *.

  • Phone calls & appointments (see Day 2)*
  • Declutter Autumn’s clothing and toys
  • Declutter Logan’s room
  • Declutter my closet
  • Declutter outdoor storage shed
  • Declutter kitchen (particularly the freezer and pantry)
  • Declutter the office
  • Reorganize my desk – handle paperwork overflow, get business papers in one place and start utilizing my planner daily
  • Reorganize home management binder for new year
  • Redesign old blog post graphics
  • Home inventory for moving & insurance
  • Create new routines for Autumn
  • Create daily routines for me!*

I’m really excited, but mostly I’m just determined. For real, I need less chaos in my life, which mostly means in my home.

Day 2

These are the phone calls I had to make:

  • setup a new primary care doctor
  • setup dentist appointments
  • return nursing bras that didn’t fit to Amazon
  • call insurance company to get a new breast pump for nursing

I also had some tasks that I needed to take care of,

  • add my new car to our insurance
  • make a few changes to

Day 3

Autumn has a lot of beautiful clothes that are in great shape that need to be converted into warm weather clothes. I sorted through all of her clothing and got rid of all the too-small clothing. Those either go to Goodwill or Swap.com (not an affiliate link, but that is my store in case you want to help me keep my kids from running around in old drapes, Sound of Music style) depending on their condition, because right now that’s all the time I can really commit to that particular thing.

I also set timers for my new routine for incorporating working from home and having Logan and Autumn at home all day. At 9AM I have an alarm to remind me to take my meds, put on my essential oils for the day and get started on my priorities of that block in my schedule.

Day 4

So, days like today are why I am calling this Simplifying for 30 days. I didn’t actually get rid of anything today, but I spent it converting her winter clothes so they’re appropriate for warm weather. I do things very by-the-seat-of-my-pants style, so I didn’t do any tutorials, but I did use the techniques from my Pinterest board, DIY Clothing Upcycling. You should look there for brilliant ideas from bloggers who are way more creative than me.

I took care of probably 20 shirts and pants (well, now shorts or skirts) so I called that plenty for today. One huge thing to do off my list, and a bunch of shirts that aren’t causing chaos by me having to explain to Autumn which shirts are and aren’t weather appropriate every. single. morning. I think I just saved myself 15 minutes at least every morning for the rest of the season – definitely worth it!

Day 5

I took a quick walk through of the nursery and office and got 10 miscellaneous things on my way out the door to take things to Goodwill. I also scheduled FedEx Ground to pickup my Swap.com box. It’s hard when it takes so little time, I feel like it’s almost cheating, but I have to remnd myself that when I try to do it all I fail and then stop making progress.

Day 6

I worked in the kitchen today while I was making lunch and got rid of all of the extra packets of sauce and salt… all the extra seasonings and junk that we’ve accumulated. I mean, who really needs 4 extra pairs of disposable chopsticks?

I had to remind myself (again) that even if it only takes me a few minutes to do my 10 items, that I can stop and do only those ten things. I wanted to spend the day just resting and having quality time with Ian and the kids, so I did instead of spending it in a decluttering frenzy.

Day 7

I’m making my list for the rest of the week today and focusing on paperwork while I’m doing that. I got rid of a huge stack of papers, some needed to be thrown away, others needed to be scanned and then a very few needed filing. It was way more than 10 things and I didn’t kill myself to do it, yay for progress! 

Conclusion from Week 1

I feel like I made real progress. My house isn’t ready to be the model for the minimalist lifestyle, but it is much improved. Autumn’s room is much better, and so is the office. Not having a ton of paperwork piled on my desk will lt me get into the office to get back to a real work schedule and be able to do creative work. I just can’t work in a space filled with chaos, that makes me crazy.

I think the hardest thing is letting myself do “just” 10 things. I keep having to remind myself that I have other goals and that I can’t focus on just this, because that would be just another form of imbalance and that defeats the purpose of trying to reduce the chaos. I want to simplify my life so I can be more balanced, instead of killing myself trying to achieve that balance.

I can’t wait to blog about how the next week goes! Although it wasn’t a huge declutter week like I would like to do, with a new baby at home, a business to run and since I haven’t quite figured out how to go without sleep, I am content knowing that even if I only do my 10 things to simplify my life each day, at the end of the month I’ll be 300 things lighter and that’s a heck of a lot better than where I started.