I hate shopping for my husband Ian. Last year when I got fed up with his less-than stellar suggestions for gift ideas, I went in with my best friend and we got him a gorgeous, custom-made knife. Sadly, the knife company is no longer open, but we did end up with a gorgeous blade that he’ll be able to years. This year, I forced asked him to put together a list so I can send everyone ideas and then, of course, it got turned into a blog post, because I know I’m not the only one out there who is missing
Straight razor
Sharpening stone
Sharpening oil
Water proof shock resistance blue tooth speaker
Amazing shaving cream
Whiskey stones
Mag wrist band for diy  projects
Smoker box
Guide to god. girls and the phone in your pocket
Beer cooler thing called a chillsner it’s amazing
Awesome leather man
I’d beat some one down for this drill
Whats a good drill without all the stuff to go in it