We have been working really hard to get out of debt this year. IT’s my goal to be out of debt by the end of the year, which is a pretty tall order considering Ian makes around $40k, and we have $21k left to go in our snowball. We’re living pretty simply, doing things like skipping on family vacations, and I have a crazy awesome shopping routine that’s saving us a ton on our food budget. If you’re struggling, it may help you, so check it out here.

Nowadays we use a no-cash digital envelope system, but there was a time when we lacked the discipline to keep any “extra” money in the bank and overspending was a serious issue. I used a cash envelope system in my favorite wallet, but wish I had had something like these systems! I’ll put up a blog post soon showing my digital “envelope” budget, but I just wanted to take a minute to share these adorable wallet systems.

I feel like there’s this idea that because you’re frugal, you have to DIY everything and nothing can look like you spent a lot of money on it. That’s just not true.

I feel like there's this idea that because you're frugal, you have to DIY everything and nothing can look like you spent a lot of money on it.

So if you need a cash envelope wallet, it’s okay to spend a little money on it, as long as you’re going to use it!

These are all well-reviewed and from good sellers on Etsy, so you’re not only going to get something amazing, but you’re also supporting small businesses, which is something I love to do. 😀


I love that this wallet isn’t huge, it’s not really  much bigger than a normal bi-fold woman’s wallet. I like that is has the standard clear pocket for your driver’s license that a lot of the Etsy listings don’t have.


This is one of my favorite wallets. It has the definite designer look to it, without being unreasonably expensive!


I personally would be terrified of the loose envelopes, but I know some people who prefer that so they aren’t carrying around all of their cash in one pocket.

Isn’t the print gorgeous?


The artist for this wallet sews the envelopes onto the wallet to increase stability, which is great! She also offers the option to option to embroider categories into envelopes, monogrammed wallet or add a wrist strap!


This wallet. Omgosh. I  love that it has a set of 6 envelopes with a label holder so you can identify the use for each envelope, and a fold over flap and a magnetic snap keeps the wallet closed and secure… with two large pockets for a checkbook or other stuff.

Starts at $32

One of the things I love about Root & Blossom is that is if you give one of their items as a gift, special packaging and a hand written note can be included at no extra cost. Um, can anyone say Happy Mother’s Day?

I have to say Root and Blossom are my favorite cash wallet designers on Etsy that I’ve found so far. I love their prints, and their designs are so clean, which I appreciate.


I loved the print on this one too much not to include it! The labels on the front of the pouches made this one for me.

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This wallet system is laminated cotton, which I think it great. I imagine it’s a lot easer to keep clean, because you could wipe it off.

Maybe I should get a laminated outfit 😉

Starts at $50.95

I love that it has space for your checkbook and cash, 12 gift or debit cards, and an iphone fits in it.  Need I say more??

Starts at $31

This wallet is one of my favorites because it’s so highly customizable! These are the panel options:

  • Standard- 6 top slide-in card slots on bottom and zippered coin pouch on top.
    Option 1- 6 side slide-in card slots with id slot on bottom and zippered coin pouch.
    Option 2- checkbook slot with duplicate check flap on bottom and 6 top slide in card slots on top.
    Option 3- checkbook slot with duplicate check flap on bottom and 6 side slide in card slots with id slot on top.
    Option 4- your choice of 2 of 4 panel options. Add your choice to note section of order.
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