One of the things I’ve been really working on is keeping the house picked up because it helps everyone in the house feel better when there is less chaos, and it means I spend less time

I also use this list as a tool for training and delegating. If I expect it from my family, I expect it from all of them at an age appropriate level, but by the same token if I expect it from my kids I need to mode it myself. If I am constantly leaving my own dishes out, why would I expect them to take care of theirs? I am a strong believer that every member of the family from the time they learn to start doing things for themselves should do what they are capable of handling. Mommy isn’t a maid, but the children aren’t slaves either… it’s all about balance!

  1. Put things away when you are done with them.
  2. Clean the kitchen right after mealtime is finished.
  3. Everything you own should have a place.
  4. If you don’t have room to give something a place, then you have too many things or you don’t need it.
  5. Get rid of the things you don’t need, stock up on the things you do need.
  6. Children should be productive members of the family and do their own age-appropriate chores.
  7. Do two clean up sessions a day, even if they only last ten minutes.
  8. Have a place to put things that are clutter for you and need a new home, take it out regularly.
  9. Tidy up right before bed,so when you wake up in the morning everything is tidy and cheerful for you in the morning.
  10. Have a focus area of your home each week where you give extra attention.
  11. Have a morning and evening routine.
  12. Make a meal plan, even if it isn’t formal and keep simple, easy meals on standby as a backup – because life happens.

Feel free to grab both of these free printables from my downloads page.

12 Rules for a Clean House Free Printable!Clean house rules for kids free Printable